Facility Security ServicesSecurity Control Room

Security is essential. Your security concerns may center around issues related to terrorism, vandalism, employee theft, or workplace violence. How much security is needed? What will it cost? Most importantly, what is effective? 
Federal agencies have unique missions. Goldbelt Specialty Services' team of security professionals has the expertise to understand and cope with the complex risks of today's high-threat environment. GSS can help remove the guess work from your security planning and build a cost-effective risk-mitigation strategy. GSS offers total solutions for Facility Security from access control to security patrols. 

facility supportFacility Support Services

Goldbelt Specialty Services provides reliable service solutions to support your facility operations. Whether it's Site Administration Services, or direct Site Operations Support, our services are also customized to meet your facilities maintenance and management needs: Manage them in-house; or take advantage of our experienced and skilled managers.
Our Facilities Operations and Maintenance staff is comprised of registered Professional Engineers (PE), Certified Plant Maintenance Managers (CPMM), Certified Plant Engineers (CPE), and Certified Professional Property Managers (CPPM), as well as highly qualified logisticians, procurement specialists, and work-control specialists. Services include all facets of work control, engineering, logistical support, motor pool operations, and all elements of facility maintenance, including maintenance of switchgears, electrical distribution systems, generator, energy management systems, backflow preventer, chiller, and recycling.
GSS maintains a comprehensive approach to facilities services and facilities management, and we provide the skills and expertise needed for the recurring and even emergency requirements of our clients. We can help you design a predictive maintenance program - and with our focus on innovation, keep you on top of green energy design and conservation.

Logistical ServicesLogistics

Goldbelt Specialty Services offers a broad spectrum of logistics services that can be tailored to your unique requirements. Our skilled professionals can assist you with energy audits and environmental compliance. From geographical information services or records management to health and safety consulting and staffing, we have the expertise to keep your operations running smoothly and efficiently. Contact us for details on what we can do for you.