ANC 8(a) Sole Source

ANC 8(a) Sole Source (Contracts of unlimited dollar value and non-protestable)

Goldbelt Specialty Services, LLC (GSS) is an Alaska Native Corporation (ANC), certified 8(a), and eligible per the FAR clauses for sole source contract awards of unlimited dollar value which are non-protestable.

Absence of Sole Source Dollar Threshold - 13 CFR 124.506 (b)

"(b) SBA may award a sole source 8(a) contract to a Participant concern owned and controlled by an Indian tribe or an ANC where the anticipated value of the procurement exceeds the applicable competitive threshold if SBA has not accepted the requirement into the 8(a) BD program as a competitive procurement. There is no requirement that a procurement must be competed whenever possible before it can be accepted on a sole source basis for a tribally-owned or ANC-owned concern, but a procurement may not be removed from competition to award it to a tribally-owned or ANC-owned concern on a sole source basis."

Socially & Economically Disadvantaged – 13 CFR 124.109 (a)(2)

"(2) An ANC that meets the requirements set forth in paragraph (a)(1) of this section is deemed economically disadvantaged under 43 U.S.C. 1626(e), and need not establish economic disadvantage as required by paragraph (b)(2) of this section."

Non Challenged 8(a) Sole Source Award – 13 CFR 124.517(a)

"(a) The eligibility of a Participant for a sole source or competitive 8(a) requirement may not be challenged by another Participant or any other party, either to SBA or any administrative forum as part of a bid or other contract protest."

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